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Prophetic News Alerts

The Holy Spirit Our Friend

There is no one with whom we should nurture an intimate relationship more deeply than with the Holy Spirit. He is a person, a divine member of the Godhead and He was sent by Jesus Christ to be intimate with every saint. We were renewed and reborn out of sin and the old broken life ... Read More

The Incredible Power of Choice

Nothing describes your character more than the choices you make. In fact, your choices are determined by your character. In the end, you will not be judged by what you have claimed to be or even appeared to be but what your choices have proven you to be. It was not God that gave man ... Read More

The Naked Splendor of the Cross

Of all the methods of redemption that the Father might have chosen, the cross is certainly the cruelest. This Roman method of execution was intended to exact the most unforgettable death possible. A prophet of old wrote, “cursed is everyone that hangeth on a tree.” (Deuteronomy 21:23/Galatians 3:13) The providence of God established that death ... Read More

The Father and Our Human Spirit

Nothing in all of life is more wonderful than communication and fellowship between man and His God. When the Father created us, He breathed into us His breath of life; and we call it our human spirit. It is a whisper of Himself given to every individual person. The primary foundation of the “whosoever will” ... Read More

A Throne Set in Heaven

The fourth chapter of Revelation has got to be the most triumphant chapter in the Holy Bible. The First Testament saints and the Second Testament saints are finally, after thousands of years, directly around the majestic throne of the Heavenly Father. The veil of His glory has been removed for them. For the first time ... Read More

When God Would Prove His Man

The Father will never use a man or woman until He proves them. Mark it down that no trial of life can match that place of God’s divine reckoning of your soul. It would seem unfair for any person to pass through this chasm of death were it not for the beautiful fruit produced. Job ... Read More

Abiding in the Vine

True Christianity is the “Christ-filled life.” We are not redeemed because we know He is the Son of God; the devil knows that. We are redeemed by receiving His life supernaturally, into our very person and spirit. It all begins when we are “born again.” It’s the greatest miracle in all of human experiences. The ... Read More

When Israel Sees Jesus

The Saints of God with their names in the Book of Life should be the most exciting people in the world. For almost 2000 years, the church has served the King of the Jews, grafted contrary to nature into the True Vine. We are spiritually His chosen people, fulfilling His will in proclaiming the good ... Read More

The Keys of the Kingdom

One of our Lord’s greatest, but most misunderstood statements was when He said, “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven.” (St. Matthew 16:19a) It is impossible to separate every great movement of spiritual victory from one or more persons that put themselves at God’s disposal until He could affect ... Read More

Demonic Assault Against the Mind

There is no area of Satan’s work more effective against the Kingdom than his attack on your mind. If he can get his thoughts in your head, half of his work is already finished. Please do not think that any one of us is so spiritual that we cannot be assaulted mentally. Mental hospitals are ... Read More