In the Presence of our Enemies

A devoted Saint of God has nothing to fear from his enemies. Our enemies are helpless unless we help them by allowing them to affect us. The Holy Scripture is filled with absolute proof of our God’s commitment to defend and even bless us just to avenge us in our enemies’ presence. I have learned ... Read More

Sounds From Iraq

I am on my way home from Iraq. As we lifted off from the Baghdad Airport, it was quite an experience. The pilot had announced certain actions he would take. He lifted off the ground, only to skim along just a few feet above the runway accelerating speed. Just as he reached the end of ... Read More

Praying in the Holy Ghost

It was Apostle Jude, brother of James, both half-brothers of Jesus Christ, that plainly instructed us to pray in the Holy Ghost. He wrote by the inspiration of the Spirit Himself, “But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking ... Read More

Iraq The Cradle of Civilization

The country of Iraq is the cradle of civilization. It is where God Himself created the Garden of Eden and placed a man named Adam with his wife named Eve in that garden to keep it. This garden was a happy place where God came for a daily visit to have fellowship with His creation. ... Read More

The Liberals in America Have Flipped

The Hand of God can be seen in the beautiful, and the Hand of God can be seen in the ugly. There is nothing so great as to witness God’s acts in redemption and glorious expression of mercy and grace. But God also acts in judgment, and His hand can be seen in confusion of ... Read More