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Charismatic Imitation: Catholic at Heart

Has the world forgotten what Jesus said? "For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many." (St. Matthew 24:5) Benny Hinn and others are attempting to draw you closer to the One World Religion movement and fashion it around the Roman Catholic Church…

The Lake of Fire Will be Visible for Eternity

In the present location of Babylon this city will sink. (Jeremiah 51:61) The Great Jehovah God will judge the very location where satan has directed his hellish assault against Truth. It will become The Lake Of Fire and a "hold", a "cage" and a "habitation" for the devils and all the wicked. (Revelation 18 :2)

Babylon, Hell and the Lake Of Fire

This broadcast is extremely important. Most prophecy Studies and Conferences give no thought to the eternal Lake of Fire. In fact most of the Church world ignores or have completely rejected this doctrine of truth. Not to teach or preach this unfailing end to all wickedness or rejection of Jesus Christ as the only Redeemer ... Read More

The Mark of the Beast

While the church world as a whole is talking about a tattoo, a mark, or even a chip under the skin, we need to focus on the lifestyle. The greatest preparation for the antichrist is how people are living! Unclean and worldly living, following every trend of the latest religious hype, such as “The Purpose ... Read More