YOU MUST READ THE REPORT BY A RESPECTABLE ORGANIZATION ENTITLED, “A RED CARPET FOR RADICALS AT THE WHITE HOUSE.” For four years we have heard talk about President Barack Obama and his ties to the Islamic World. We have watched by television as he bowed before Islamic rulers and we have noticed that he refrains from speaking of the worst of actions of Jihadist radicals. He has apologized again and again for our efforts to stop the slaughter of vicious murderers in the war of terror. There is no longer any doubt about his love for the Islamic religion.

Here is the opening paragraphs of the above mentioned article. “A year-long investigation by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) has found that scores of known Islamists made hundreds of visits to the Obama White House, meeting with top administration officials. Court documents and other records have identified many of these visitors as belonging to groups serving as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other Islamic militant organizations. The IPT made the discovery combing through millions of White House visitor log entries. IPT compared the visitors’ names with lists of known radical Islamists.” (A RED CARPET FOR RADICALS AT THE WHITE HOUSE by Steve Emerson and John Rossomando. IPT News) This information should make every citizen ready to act in defense of our Christian heritage as Americans.

The Islamic world is bent on establishing an “Islamic One World Order.” In such a world order a Jew or a Christian would either convert or be killed. Of all the ideas competing for ruling the world, none are more dark and vicious as the Allah worshipers. It will be submit or die if devout Muslims should ever rule in such a World Order.

Reading the report of the Islamic crowd at the conventions in Charlotte is sickening. Here is a comment by the writer for News With concerning the convention of the Democratic Party. “The headlines are building about the DNC Convention. Islam is all over it. Family Security Matters says they are expecting over 20,000 Muslims to attend. The Convention has announced there will be “Jumah” prayers for two hours before the Convention. We are told the “purpose” for this event is to address the issues faced by Muslim-Americans. Poor Muslims…we make it hard sometimes for them to shred our Constitution, blow up buildings and people. Usually we make it easy, however. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch said as bad as it is to have “Jumah at the DNC” it is dramatically worse the hosting of radical Islamic supremacists and Jihad groups there.” (OBAMA AND ISLAM IS TAKING OVER AMERICA” by Dr. Laurie Roth, News With ) How could an American political party allow this kind of activity? It had to be the influence of the President and his Islamic affection.

The following quote makes the whole problem clear to me. The author is “Nonie Darwish” who was a journalist in Egypt for six years. This writer makes the whole attitude and action of President Obama clear and scary. The man is worse than dangerous to America. “I have never entertained the idea that Obama was a Muslim and always believed he was a socialist. But Obama’s behavior over the last four years regarding Islam has convinced me that Obama has a Socialist/Islamic centered world view a combination that is not uncommon in many parts of the Muslim world. Having been a journalist in Egypt for six years in the ‘70s, I have witnessed socialism with an Islamic twist to be a popular political ideology, especially amongst Arab journalists and intellectuals. Socialism and even communism have managed to survive in the ruthless Islamic political system as an alternative to full-fledged Shariah. The two ideologies blended together in the Baath Party in Syria, Iraq and socialist regimes in Egypt and Yemen. One major difference between the two ideologies is that Islam uses Allah, while socialism uses atheism, to fight the God of Christianity. Free democracies such as the United States are alien to Islam and socialists because they regard government as a servant to the people and believe that human rights are from God and not from government or Shariah.”

“Having said that, both Shariah and socialism united in their envy of Western society and needed to change it. That is when Obama became the savior of both Islam and socialism. He embodied both ideologies, socialism, and Islam, and was groomed for years to help the socialist and Islamic causes inside America. The claim that Obama is a Christian was a silly joke, but a necessary lie for the greater cause of changing America to fit the goals of socialists and Islamists.” (From a riveting Documentary introduction by Nonie Darwish)

What does the Bible say to us in a situation as America finds itself? The god of Islam is a false god and even worse he is a demon god. The entire purpose of Obama is to convert America to Islam slowly until he gets re-elected (God forbid). If he gets re-elected for four more years, I do not believe we will doubt what I am saying. His treatment of Israel has been worse than wicked. Remember that he said that he had to “put light between himself and Israel’s leaders.” He has certainly done so.

This election has come down to a spiritual war between light and darkness. America has enough sin to completely destroy us, but America also has a great number of Godly people. We also have a multitude of secular people that do not know Jesus Christ as Savior but are good neighbors, kind and they love America as the most free country in the world.

Our hope at this dark period is for Saints of God to weep, pray and sigh before God. I have been weeping desperately as I have read the material quoted in this foreword for our broadcast. Will you join me in heart rending prayer over the next ten days? The Bible says, If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”(II Chronicles 7:14)

I love the words of James, “Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:7) Again the Holy Ghost said, “Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit.” (James 5:16-18) Our God answers prayer when we follow His instruction. America is in the balance and only repentance and prayer will tip the scales.

THE GIFTS TODAY ARE THREE ARTICLES TELLING THE FACTS ABOUT PRESIDENT OBAMA AND HIS FULL SUPPORT OF THE ISLAMIC RELIGION, free to all that write or call. We have finished preparing a notebook entitled, “THE WAR OF GOG AND MAGOG”. This is a comprehensive study of this subject like I have always wanted for myself. Every nation involved is identified with historic information. The many things coming from Iran, Egypt, Syria, Russia and Israel, etc. are represented. There are eight articles to help explain these developing events. It has been done in full color and is 154 pages. Everything we do is fully guaranteed with our money back promise. We are here to bless, not make money. The notebook will be sent out to you immediately as we want you to be blessed with this information. (Notebook $29.95, Email without notebook cover $15.00) Call 1 800 338 7884 or 1 704 391 0588. Email us at


  1. IS this different from while under the BUsh administration, Anwar Al alecki the number #2 al Queda member meet with top Pentagon officials after 9/11? All the while he was the King of Spades and the top most wanted terrorist. When folks gonna wake up and reralize the White House, The Pentagon and Congress (media too) are all controlled by Globalists. Islam is only used to create chaos and war to further the NWO that Bush senior spoke of so often. Christians alsways take off thier blinders for a democrat WH, and put them back on for a “conservative” WH. THey are both EXACTLY the same.

  2. Dear Bro. Chambers,

    Thank you for always speaking out and speaking the truth. It’s impossible to understand why people cannot believe that our President, Mr. Obama, is a Muslim. He’s said it himself and it’s available on; he’s blasphemed God and ridiculed His Word – the Bible, and that is also available to the public and came from his own mouth. He is also a globalist, pushing for a “one-world government”.

    In my opinion, our nation is reaping God’s judgment; collectively, we as a nation, have thrown Him out of our schools, our government, our courts, our homes, and every other institution, but even worse, we’ve taken Him out of the majority of our churches and replaced Him with some “user friendly”, “seeker sesitive”, “milk-toast” counterfeit entity, so we are getting exactly what we begged for!!!

    I too pray for national repentance, but the time is short and I’m looking up for my Commander and Chief to come, break through the clouds, and call us home…

    In Christ’s love,

  3. I have to agree with Joseph that the Obamarama is a socialist. While I’ve seen him bow to Islamic rulers, and always uphold Moslem interests, even to the point of lying about a video in order to cover the botched operation to have Ambassador Stephens kidnapped so that he could be traded for the blind shiek, a desicable murderer, whom we have incarcerated, I’m not yet convinced that Obama’s a Moslem.

    I’m sure he’s now guilty of murder at worst and malfeasance at best. And it’s quite possibly guilty of treason. But I believe he is driven by forces that are entirely anti-Christian, definitely anti-Catholic, and only pro-Islamic so long as the “religion of peace” can be used to forward his own purposes. Once that is done, Islam will be tossed aside as well.

    The Obamarama is, in my estimation, anti-Christian, imbued with hatred of individual accmplishment and only interested in making everyone subservient to the State. One might call him a latter-day Communist. That he is an atheist as well is almost beyond disputation.

    I hope to God that you folks can get past your glee at watching him try to destroy the Catholic Church long enough to vote against the sleezeball.

  4. Hurricane Sandy’s wrath?
    DAMNATION against Obomination is coming!

    WHY mindlessly, rebelliously, defiantly
    FOREVER BURN in HELL by voting
    for Obama-Biden?

  5. And who is the god of a religion which claims Jesus Christ is Lucifer’s brother? Shall we vote for this follower and the promoter of this religion instead?

  6. I’m joining you in prayer. America is in the balance.
    Thank you for this alert – as disturbing as it is.


    Dear Joe Chambers,

    With all the ISLAMIST JIHADIST TERRORISTS THAT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA BRINGS INTO THE WHITE HOUSE, it shows he loves to around the TERRORISTS. The reason why is because he is the TERRORIST IN CHIEF. He always supports Israel’s enemies. He hate the Jews. He hates Israel. He hates the Christians. Now with that HURRICANE now rotating in the NE. This CAROSEL WIND (politically correct term for hurricane) churning water into the streets and subways of NYC, this may have some affect on the election by discouraging people to get out and vote. This MERRY-GO-ROUND will remain around for the next several days. Ralm Emanuel (now Mayor of Chicago, after jumping ship on Obama) said “NEVER LET A GOOD CRISIS GO TO WASTE”. Please ask God not to let this storm go to waste: PLEASE PRAY FOR RAIN IN LIBERAL VOTING AREAS ON ELECTION DAY (that they might stay home): AND PLEASE PRAY FOR SUNSHINE AND NICE WEATHER IN CONSERVATIVE AREAS ON ELECTION DAY (so Conservatives might get out to vote especially in SWING STATES.). If God selectively use rain on election day to keep the Liberals at home, and sunshine to get the Conservatives out to vote, that can change the election, and REMOVE OBAMA THE “TERRORIST IN CHIEF’ from the White House. Then ROMNEY can REMOVE THE HORNETS NEST OF ISLAMIC TERRORISTS form the White House. Mitt Romney also will CUT FUNDING TH THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD in Egypt. Once we get Obama out of White House, MAYBE WE SHOULD TRADE HIM TO FRANCE FOR NICHOLAS SARKOZY. Since the EUROPEANS LOVE OBAMA SO MUCH, LETS SEND HIM OVER THERE SO THEY CAN MAKE HIM THEIR PRESIDENT OR PRIME MINISTER. LETS SHIP HIM TO FRANCE. They just voted out their Conservative President Nicholas Sarkozy, but we could use him. Here’s the deal WE TRADE OBAMA TO FRANCE for NICHOLAS SARKOZY. France gets Obama. We get Nick Sarkozy.



    Keith Black

  8. Toria –

    Never mind Romney’s Mormonism. Do you really prefer Obama’s embracing of Islam and the Moslem hatred of Christiainty?

    Romney, at least, believes in kindness, beauty and honesty, as opposed to the malice, ugliness and lies of Obama who is, at best guilty of malfeasance in the matter of the deaths of four Americans or, at worst, he is a murderer who allowed them to die instead of raising his hand against Moslem hatemongers.

    I don’t care what god Romney prays to now that I know that Obama believes in Mohammed rather than Jesus as the prophet of his faith. Obama calls himself a Christian but has shown over and over how anti-Christian he is.

    Besides that, he encourages baby-killing. I don’t want a president who wants to murder babies.

    Shape up, Toria. Romney means and end to the horrors we’ve experienced for the past 4 years.

  9. Our Founding fathers were anything but Christians. Franklin, Jefferson, Adams were Masons, Diests that followed a false god what kept our country great was the godly Christians praying for their leaders. America’s problem isn’t political it is a spirtiual one.


  10. For fifty years, America has been showing God the door. For the first time in history, America has two men running for President who, I believe, do not accept the Bible as the final word of God.