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Why We Believe In Biblical Holiness

This will be one of my most important series. The church world has come to a place of almost complete rejection of Bible Holiness. For the first time in church history, churches that claim to be believers in the whole Word of God, deny the requirement of keeping all of the Word of God. The ... Read More

The Meeting In The Air

The Perception of the Rapture is varied and often confused to a large percentage of people in our churches. Pastors and church leaders are not giving attention to this overwhelming subject. Yet, 60% of Americans in a recent survey stated they believe in the catching away of the saints by a Rapture. There are many ... Read More

The Keys of the Kingdom

One of our Lord’s greatest, but most misunderstood statements was when He said, “And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 16:19a). It is impossible to separate every great movement of spiritual victory from one or more persons that put themselves at God’s disposal until He could affect the ... Read More

Our Holy God And His Holy Bible

Are you aware that you were created in the image of God? Yes, that image was marred by the sin of Adam, but Jesus Christ came to recreated His Image in us. The momentyou are "Born Again" you are perfectly free from sin. Every sin you have ever committed is cleansed, "As far as the ... Read More

Joy Unspeakable

One of the most wonderful emotions of the Holy Spirit is His possession of supernatural joy. As the Father and our Savior are both filled with Divine life so the Holy Spirit is their source of that life in us, and the life of God includes unfailing joy. There is no such thing as gloom ... Read More

The Glorious Gospel (Goodnews)

The story of Cornelius is at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When someone tries to make a case that Jesus does not hear the prayer of a sinner they have forgotten this Chapter in Acts. Cornelius was an Italian soldier and was clearly unconverted, but he was pious and hunger for a ... Read More

The Rapture And The Image Of God In Man

The Church of this generation has lost its beauty in Christ in its search for the beauty of the world. To be like this world in any and every disposition of your life is to be unlike Jesus Christ. He, the blessed Bridegroom,is coming after His espoused Bride. His espoused Bride must prepare herself by ... Read More

When Beauty Turns To Ashes

The devil would rather steal a precious Believer and drag them back into sin than anyone else. He sees the destruction of a Saint as a trophy that he can brag to all of hell about. The Apostle Peter spoke with unmistakable language in his great Epistle. "For if after they have escaped the pollutions ... Read More

Our Biblical Godhead

The God of Christianity is awesome because He is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent. He is Sovereign in all these attributes. There is none that can approach His Holiness except the holy. In His Omnipotence, He is unlimited in all of His powers and there is nothing beyond His fullness. In His Omniscience, He is without ... Read More

The Careless Bride

This sermon was overwhelming for me. Jesus Christ warned of this hour when,"Sin would abound and many would grow cold…."Matt. 24. The Lord loves his Saints and wants us in his Bride at the Rapture. But many are so careless and have heard so many preachers say, do not worry, all believers will go in ... Read More