Monthly Archives: December 2008

The Resurrection Turning Science Fiction on It’s Head

The Resurrection of the Saints will surpass the most fascinating dreams of science fiction proponents. Their wildest imaginations hold no light to what the Creator is planning for His new world. In fact, when you try to understand the science fiction world it often turns grotesque and ugly. Their dreams and imaginations are degenerate and ... Read More

The Battle Of The Gods Has Erupted

The number of gods worshipped by men is innumerable. Every demon or fallen angel desires to be a god controlling somebody’s life. We live in a world where war is the constant choice of these evil spirits. The Bible could not be more direct on this subject. "For wewrestle not against flesh and blood, but ... Read More

When God Comes Down

At every crisis moment in human history, when the world had come to the time that the cup of sin was overfull, God Himself has stepped down and said, ENOUGH. From Genesis one to Revelation twenty two, the Father is sovereign over His world. The Bible Has never had a moment when perfect fulfillment of ... Read More

The Latter Rain of Pentecost

The Holy Bible has clearly promised "the Latter Rain of Pentecostal Power." The False Charismatic movement of the last three or four decades has left the Fundamental Church world leery of any expectation for true Revival. I certainly understand why Bible believers have lost hope for a soul harvest. The present Rick Warren phenomenon has ... Read More

Only Christianity Has The Future Written In Advance

The Bible is Literally filled with great prophecies written hundreds and thousands of years in advance. Demon possessed men like Edgar Casey claimed to predict the future but always came up short. There has been a host of false prophets that tried to use prophecies to build a following of supporters. The people they deceived ... Read More

Discerning The Times

This generation has seen more Prophecies in progress than seen before in human history. I know of no End Time Prophecy that relate to events before the Great tribulation that are not already complete. There are three major Prophesies in progress that will occur either right before the Rapture or at the beginning of the ... Read More

Saints of God Do Not Die: They Transfer

Every sinner is a walking corpse. The Bible calls it,"Dead in trespasses and sins." (Ephesians 2-1) The Bible clearly reveals that to be unsaved is to be a stranger and foreigner to God. The state of a soul that has not been "Born Again" is lost, so lost. "The wages of sin is Death…." (Romans ... Read More

The Rapture The Triumph of Patience

It’s amazing to listen to the cheap theology of our apostate generation. Cheap grace that covers lacy religion is the order of this last generation. Grace has become an excuse to live self-centered lives and yet claim discipleship with Christ. The Bible makes no such room for careless living. Grace does not cover for sin ... Read More