Monthly Archives: July 2006

His Eye is on the Sparrow

The heavenly father watches over His saints with unfailing love. He gives his angels charge over our care and they bear us up in there arms to protect us. Learn to put your whole trust in him and quit leaning on the arm of flesh…

Its Going To Rain

The true child of God is always passionate about revival and harvest time. Even the thoughts of a great visitation of the Spirit brings joy and praise to the sanctified soul. In the natural, harvest time has always been one of the most exciting experiences of life. To watch a great tractor and harvester glide ... Read More

Our Lord’s Return to Earth

At any moment the Son of the Living God will descend to rapture the overcomers to his presence. After seven years of hell on earth, the Lord will return with his saints to set up his kingdom on earth. He will enter the eastern, gate closed for centuries awaiting his return. Read Ezekiel 43:1-7

Our God is Holy

Our God is awesome in His Holiness. He is utterly unapproachable save by the offering of Blood, His SonÂ’s Blood in the New Covenant. He was the eternal Son in the unknowable eternities but was exalted above His past glories because of His willing perfect sacrifice. In the present, the Father has given Him a ... Read More

He Abides, Hallelujah, He Abides with Me

There is nothing in God’s plan for His saints and His church after we are truly born again. More important than to be filled with the Holy Ghost, it’s inexcusable not to be yielded to the Holy Ghost if we want to be victorious Christians…

Eyes Only for Christ

The greatest trap that Satan sets for every hungry Christian is to fill them with love for religion instead of love for Jesus Christ. At many intervals of my life, I have found myself literally filled with enthusiasm for the Lord’s work, His Kingdom, souls that needed mercy, and every good work; but suddenly feeling ... Read More