Monthly Archives: February 2005

Strongholds Coming Down

The god of this world is determined that the light of the Gospel not reach the hearts of men. He does not care how religious we are because Satan himself is religious. He was created perfect, and his entire being was filled with the glory of God. Until iniquity was found in him, praise to ... Read More

Iraq The First Steps To Democracy

One of the greatest thrills of my Biblical studies has been to Biblically trace the events in Babylon and the country of Iraq. My journey began over thirty-six years ago when I pastored a small church in Black Mountain, North Carolina. As I read prophetic Scripture and studied the remarks of Bible scholars of the ... Read More

Conversion of our Love

“Conversion” is the greatest experience of a human life and the only path into the Kingdom of God. And nothing about “conversion” is as noteworthy and wonderful as the “conversion of our love.” The root of the sin nature in every life is the “love of self.” This generation has fallen victim to a “self- ... Read More

Babylon Whats Next

Babylon is without question a spiritual battleground. I visited the area on Friday, March 12, 2004, only to find that the Polish army was in charge of security. They were of a totally different mind set from American troops. As we were entering the area, we heard shots from a watchtower and knew we were ... Read More

Man Created In The Image of God

The cultural war in America is ultimately an attack on the Image of God in man. This war is as real in the conservative ranks as it is in the liberal ranks. I agree that the conservatives do not go as far toward the raw destruction of our likeness to God as liberals, but the ... Read More

The Open Heart

The greatest moment of our spiritual development will arrive when we can approach God and our fellow Christians with a totally open heart. I must tell you that being open does not mean revealing other personsÂ’ secrets. We are speaking only of ourselves and the place in our spiritual growth where all facade, make-believe, unfulfilled ... Read More